Sample Mission Statements

AMAS Repertory Theatre is devoted exclusively to the creation, development, and professional production of original works in the grand tradition of the American musical theatre, and to the encouragement of new musical theatre talent.

THE AMERICAN PLACE THEATRE's continuing purpose is to be a force for the advancement of theatre by actively responding to the contemporary theatre's needs: providing a creative environment, program and stage, free of commercial considerations for talented American writers; initiating original programs and producing works that are innovative, opening the way for increased public recognition and enrichment of the nation's theatre.

THE AMERICAN RENAISSANCE THEATRE CORP. is dedicated to reviving the past classics of the American Theatre and to developing new works for the stage by Americans about America through readings, developmental studio sessions, fully mounted production, and a yearly theatre subscription series.

CENTER STAGE COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE, INC. was formed in 1969. The Playhouse's major objectives are 1) to present quality live theatre to the community at affordable prices, 2) to provide a performance vehicle for members of the community, over the age of sixteen, whereby they may learn and/or strengthen their theatre skills which include dancing, singing, acting, choreographing, lighting, and stage managing.

CITY STAGE CO. is a professional repertory/ensemble theatre company dedicated to producing the "classics" of world dramatic literature.

COCTEAU REPERTORY is a resident company of artists performing the great works of world theatre in a rotating format.

THE ENSEMBLE STUDIO THEATRE was founded in 1971 by Artistic Director Curt Dempster as a membership organization of theatre professionals. The Ensemble is dedicated to preserving and developing the resources of the professional theatre by developing new works for the stage, and by providing artistic and financial support to the individual theatre artist. The Ensemble nurtures and protects the creative impulse of serious theatre artists by providing a permanent home base where they can work among their peers without commercial or critical pressures.

FAMILY ARTISTS THEATRE ENTERPRISES' goal is to provide the metropolitan area with theatre for the entire family. F.A.T.E.'s purpose is to meet the growing demand from underprivileged families, senior citizens, youth groups, schools and social service organizations.

MANHATTAN PUNCH LINE THEATRE is dedicated to expanding the frontiers of comedy by producing new plays, revivals, and classics.

MANHATTAN THEATRE CLUB has four primary goals: to present well-crafted, bold, challenging plays by major writers from America and around the world; to bring to the stage this country's finest performers, directors and designers; to support and enrich the art of American playwriting, especially through the discovery and development of new American writers; and to develop a committed, discriminating audience for the theatre.

THE NO ELEPHANT CIRCUS is a non-profit tax exempt theatre company whose purposes are to provide quality entertainment to the public, promote arts awareness and arts education, and to reach out to the "special populations" - the poor, the handicapped, the orphaned and the elderly who may not have the opportunity or means to participate in other arts programs.

PAN ASIAN REPERTORY THEATRE was created to provide artistic opportunities for minority theatre artists who were being stereotyped in the theatrical mainstream.

The PAPER MILL PLAYHOUSE serves an annual audience of over 350,000. Its main objectives are to present a season of the best possible theatrical, musical, and concert works using the best talent available; to produce new musical theatre works to further a particularly American art form; to present entertaining and educational children's programming during the school day and on weekends; to satisfy the needs of special audiences with considerations that include barrier-free design of the theatre, infrared hearing system and sign-interpreted performances for the hearing impaired, discounts for senior citizens and students, and complimentary tickets for charitable groups; and to cooperate with New Jersey's other arts organizations to fulfill its role as the State Theatre of New Jersey. The Playhouse accomplishes these goals through the presentation of a highly varied program of musical theatre, drama, comedy, opera, operetta, dance, children's theatre, concerts and art gallery exhibits in a season that runs year-round.

PLAYWRIGHTS HORIZONS is dedicated to supporting and developing new American playwrights, composers and lyricists.

The QUAIGH THEATRE is dedicated to the playwright in the production of new plays or plays never done in New York, and the revival of seldom seen American classics of particular merit.

ROUNDABOUT THEATRE COMPANY, INC. is dedicated to presenting theatre artists of international stature in great classical and contemporary works.

THE SECOND STAGE THEATRE produces plays of the recent past that deserve another chance. This includes plays that were ahead of their time, not accessible to a wide audience, poorly publicized or obscured by inferior productions.

The WPA THEATRE is an Off Broadway theatre company dedicated to neglected American classics and new American plays in the realistic idiom. In acting, writing, and design, the focus of the WPA's work is on the detailed examination of man in his everyday environment, with attention to the specific of his moral, emotional, and physical conditions.

NEW MILLENNIUM THEATRE CHICAGO: Doing shows that we want to see, New Millennium makes theatre fun and relevant to today's complex audiences.

NATIONAL PASTIME THEATER: Our mission: to begin filling thousands of empty theater seats with a generation of New Audiences and to stop these audiences dead in their comfortable tracks.

From the Illinois State Theatre Production Handbook:
"The objectives of the School of Theatre at Illinois State University are two-fold: 1) to provide for its students a high-quality education that focuses on developing artistic and critical skills and exploring human values; and 2) to contribute to the cultural and political-social life of the University and the Bloomington-Normal community as a whole.

In pursuing these objectives, the faculty has established a production season of theatre and dance events that involve School of Theatre students and resources. The School of Theatre seeks to produce works of high artistic quality in a wide variety of styles and forms to foster the artistic development of as many theatre students as possible and to present an excellent and varied theatrical season for the community at large.

In keeping with the School's goal of strengthening the connection between the production season and the academic needs of theatre students, the Production Committee seeks to develop seasons that reflect the variety and multi-cultural focus of the curriculum, that is, to include works from different countries, periods, and theatrical styles and to select a diverse range of authors in regard to race/ethnicity, nationality, creed, gender, sexual orientation, and age. In the season selection process, the Production Committee will address as many of these variables as is feasible within a four-year cycle."

The College of Fine Arts
The College of Fine Arts educates developing artists, performers, scholars, teachers, and therapists. We believe in advancement of the arts through collaborative learning and artistic practice within a diverse intellectual and social environment. Underlying all our work is the commitment to the arts as a vital and fundamental cultural force necessary to the functioning of a democratic socity and to the education of its citizens.

To fulfill this mission, the College provides cultural and aesthetic education and activities and is the University's gateway for public access to these cultural opportunities.

The Illinois Shakespeare Society
Founded in 1982 by persons interested in enhancing the Illinois Shakespeare Festival, the Society is a membership organization made up of individuals and businesses who see the Festival as an important cultural resource for Bloomington-Normal, McLean County and all of Central Illinois. The Society has developed an active membership which has been essential to the Shakespeare Festival's continued growth and increasing artistic quality.

The Illinois State University Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the State of Illinois for the sole purpose of serving the University. The Foundation is authorized to hold funds in trust, invest such funds and use the return of the investments or the capital for the support of scholarships, faculty research and other educational and related activities.

Center for the Performing Arts
Training professionals and enriching lives through the study, performance, and appreciation of the arts.

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